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Plum Passages

Helen Thomas, feisty scourge of presidents, dies at 92

She was a true pioneer.  Thank you for paving the road.

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You can’t let go of something, until you have accepted it.

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Has Science Proven the Existence of God?

I mean by this not the existence of a particular God or even a deity in the commonly accepted sense of a personal God; rather, I mean proof of a directing force in the universe at least when it comes to life. It was an article of faith in science since the time of Darwin that life evolved by pure chance over long periods of time. This had to be because any evidence of “foresight” or “planning” would indicate an intelligence behind evolution and this could not be since God was pure superstitious nonsense.

Then science decoded the human genetic code. Science was amazed to discover that only a tiny portion of our DNA was used to create our bodies. Evolutionary biologists and geneticists pondered over this for a few years first calling the unknown DNA “junk DNA”. Then it was discovered that within the DNA helix were bits of code and genetic switches which, amazingly, responded to external factors in the environment. So, a fox could develop thick fur in a single generation rather than slowly over millennia because the code for this was already present in a short haired fox waiting only to be triggered by a change in climate.

This answered the question that many had asked about evolution i.e. if evolution was so slow and random how could any change occur quickly enough to be of benefit to the organism? Yet, there was one inescapable conclusion to be reached by this. One that could not be denied even by the most hard core science advocates. This meant PLANNING. There is no planning for contingencies without intelligence. The mutation paradigm could not account for this. Life planned ahead.

The name of God was not found among the stars but writ small in the helix.

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